Graphic Design

Brochure and Flyer Designs

The company needed many flyers and brochures of different types, including tri-fold, bi-fold and booklet. I mainly used Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign for all of these designs.

Flyer templates, slightly followed the design patterns that were seen on the partner company.

Trade Show and Exhibition Flyers

These flyers where specially made for the International Telecom Innovation Exhibition.

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Brand Book

I also designed a full brand book that contained all the information about brand’s style guide, vocabulary choice, iconography, templates, voice and tone.

Parsnet Brand Book

Solution Book

This document contained all the information about the devices, specifications, their use cases and standards. All of the document and layout was designed in Adobe InDesign.

Event Brochure

Some of the events needed a brochure that contained details such as timeline, speakers and map of the venue. These all were presented as a simple Bi-Fold brochure.

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