Hello! This is Saber Naeemi.

Saber is a Graphic Designer with years of professional work experience. He has worked freelance and had full time jobs as a Digital Content Creator, Visual Communication Designer, UI Designer, and Motion Designer.

He has a strong passion to create visually appealing and stunning designs that perfectly communicate to the audience. He always looks for new and exciting design challenges, and excited to see where the career will take him next.

In addition to graphic design, he also has experience in UI Design and Motion Design. He enjoys creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for websites and apps. Motion design also allows him to bring his ideas to life in a dynamic way. He finds it especially rewarding to see designs come to life through animation. The process of creating motion graphics allows him to be very creative and expressive.

More details about his professional experience and skills, are available in his LinkedIn profile. In case you want to talk, we can arrange a 🍵 or a video meeting. Feel free to get in touch through the contact page.

Providing a wide range of creative services to the people and businesses.

Graphic Design // Art Direction // Branding // Logo Design // Motion Design // Asset Animation // Naming // Brand Guidelines // Signage and Wayfinding // Typography // Editorial Design // User Interface (UI) Design // Advanced Photo Editing // WordPress // Packaging Design // Print Design // Sound Design // Layout Design // Visual Identity Design // Visual Communication Design // Content Writing // HTML // CSS // Making it pop // Making Logos Bigger

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