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My name is Saber Naeemi and I am a designer.

This is me!

I am a designer with more than 10 years of professional work experience. I have worked freelance on various projects and had full time jobs as graphic designer, digital content creator and motion designer for well-known companies and individuals.

My passion towards design and creating, has roots in my very own childhood when I used to spend lots of times with Legos, create domino displays, design/play board games, read lots of story books, and watch dozens of fiction movies. I wondered, how I could get my own creative ideas out of my imagination and into the real world someday. I always enjoyed solving problems using pleasant and elegant ways.

I seek challenges and constantly look for adventures. I am always eager not only to learn and to improve my skills, but to enhance my knowledge and experiences both in life and at work. I enjoy every second that I spend on learning, but sharing what I already know and collaborating with others, has always been the most fulfilling part of my journey. The main areas of my expertise are Graphic Design, User Interface (UI) Design, Motion Design, Sound Design and the standard tools of the trade.

I provide a wide range of creative and design services to the people and businesses.

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Whatever your creative needs are, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.