Graphic Design

Help and Booklet Design

Pars Online Data Center provides two kind of cloud services: VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) and VPS (Virtual Private Server). The customers who bought these services where usually left with questions and confusion about the aspects. So the idea of a visual book book came up. One for each service type and customer.

All the parts and features of each service were presented in a simple visual and written format.

VPS Service Guide

This document contained help for customers about the VPS services that were provided by Pars Online group. All of the document and layout was designed in Adobe InDesign.

VPC Service Guide

This booklet contained comprehensive guide and information about virtual private cloud that was one of the services provide by Pars Online Data Center.

Customer Satisfaction

These booklets made the number of frequent questions asked by users to drop significantly. This in the end led to a better experience for all of the customers.

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