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Adobe regularly holds daily challenges, and asks you to come up with ideas in less than 24 hours for the topics they announce.

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Daily UI Design

I usually participate in Adobe challenges if I have the time. Because I liked the fact that the challenges require fast workflow pace and yet being creative under pressure. Now I was usually working full time in other places when participating in these challenges. So I literally did most of these in only 3 or 4 hours.

I may not approve some of the designs anymore. But they are what I did during that time, and it always shows me where I was and where I stand now. How I’ve grown in my field and how my knowledge increased in comparison to those days.

Logo Design Concept

Book Reader

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Jimbo Reader

This is a very simple book reader and organizer for portable devices. I named it Jimbo, because it is fast!

Full presentation is available in my Behance profile.

Jimbo Reader on Behance

Image Viewer


This was a two-day challenge, for an image viewer, complete with onboarding experience and functions of the image editing.

Full presentation is available in my Behance profile.

ImagifierPlus on Behance

Online Taxi Booking App


In this challenge we were to design and prototype a mobile app to order a taxi. It should have features like displaying the location of the car in real-time, driver rating and etc.

Full presentation is available in my Behance profile.

PICKUP on Behance

My Logo Design Concept
Street Lines

Other Designs

Checkout Screen
Sing Up Form

For more UI Work follow my Behance and Dribble profiles

Tools Used

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe XD

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