Adobe TV regularly holds various design and illustration challenges. I participated in one of them and this is the result.

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1st Step : Sketching

Using a plain paper and pencil I draw my ideas of supplies that belonged to my imaginary hero character. As I imagined my character to be a Photoshop artist, I draw magic selection tool, eye dropper, color bucket and a brush.

2nd Step : Coloring

In the second step we were tasked to color and paint the raw sketch. So using phone camera I took a picture from the paper using and then imported it to the Photoshop. I then started painting using custom set of brushes and colors. It was a really fun experience I have to admit.

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What was next?

In the next series of challenges, we were told to create a flag for our clan using the same supplies.

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Next Project
Graphic Design