Motion Graphics & Sound Design

DR. Sadegh Yazadni is the Chairman of the Board for IRAACE. He voluntarily holds these interesting tea conversation sessions with strangers.


Dr. Yazdani had a lot of pictures that he took of these tea conversation sessions with his guests. He wanted a video that could elegantly thank and appreciate all of those participants. He reached out to me for possible solutions and ideas.

First I wrote the original story and made a short demo version and sent it to Dr. Yazdani. He approved the idea but made some changes. After preparing the needed content, materials, graphical elements, grading/enhancing all of the pictures in Photoshop, I started the animation phase in After Effects.

The original music was much shorter than what was needed, so using Adobe Audition I extended the length of the audio. The short narrations also needed audio enhancements (e.g. noise removal, compression). As the transitions were happening in sync with the music, I had to be very precise with seconds while editing.

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Audition

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