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The BIC Cristal (also known as the Bic pen) is an inexpensive, disposable ball point ballpoint mass-produced and sold by the french Société Bic.

Creative Brief

BIC is looking to increase brand awareness and usage of the CRISTAL ball pen among young, digitally-focused adults who prefer online interaction over face-to-face relationships.

The target audience spends lots of time online and on social media but rarely uses non-digital tools like pens. The campaign will focus on outdoor posters and social media with the message that the “BIC Cristal pen never lets you down” and is an essential writing tool.

The tone should be informal, creative and fun. The goal is to generate buzz and a “wow” reaction, highlighting the pen as always ready for use.

Concept One

The BIC Cristal pen is a reliable and essential writing tool, in contrast to technology which can fail or let you down. The pen is always ready to use, while technology can crash or have errors.

The visual is attempting to highlight the pen as a dependable tool for writing that “never lets you down”, aligning with the creative brief’s message.

The lighting above draws further attention to the pen as the focal point. Overall, the concept is positioning the pen as a reliable, non-digital alternative for the target audience who spends lots of time online.

popup image

Concept Two

In the second concept we are trying to position the BIC Cristal pen as a reliable writing instrument that helps preserve ideas on the spot.

The open window represents how ideas can easily slip away right away if not captured instantly.

Overall, the concept is that BIC Cristal pen is always ready to seize on creative sparks and record them permanently. The core message is that the BIC Cristal is the go-to analog instrument for catching ideas on the fly when no digital devices are around, and prevent brilliant flashes of ideas slip away unwritten.

Animated Alternatives

Some GIF animations for other variations or concepts that could be used on social media.

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