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Motion Graphics & Sound Design

This is the second teaser video I made for DR. Sadegh Yazadni, the Chairman of the Board for IRAACE. These pictures are from his tea conversation sessions.


Dr. Yazdani needed another new video for the anniversary of his tea conversation session in Iran. This time with new series of pictures and a movie trailer type of video. After taking the verbal brief, I wrote the proposal and initial scenario. The story was approved with some changes.

The first step was to chose an epic music for the video. I usually create these types of video clips in sync with beats of the music. This would lead to more interesting and engaging look. Then I created the title scenes and related animations along with some of the graphical elements inside of Adobe Illustrator. In the next steps, I enhanced all of the selected pictures separately in Adobe Photoshop. Then added animation and moving effects to the pictures one by one inside of Adobe After Effects. Finally in the last phase, I mixed all of the clips together in the Adobe Premiere.

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Audition

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Premiere

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